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How to make your Sukuma wiki tasty

As we are know Sukuma wiki is our dairy meal for as common Mwanainchi .Hence we are supposed to cook it properly so as it can est sweet.In my article today am going to saw you simple ways of cooking a testy meal.

1.Assemble all ingredients

a. Tomatoes

b. Onion

c. Chilly

d. Royco

e. Cooking oil

f. Salt


Whether using a oven,fire wood,jiko or gas put a clean Sufulia on a heating source.

Apply a little oil to then add well sliced onions,stir the onions well so that it will mix well with oil.

Add well sliced tomatoes,a little salt according to your Sukuma,Royco and chilly close the Sufulia for at least 2 minutes.

Carefully apply your well sliced Sukuma wiki then stir it well to mix with ingredients.

Add a little water,close the meal and wait for ten minutes.

Your Sukuma wiki is ready to be eaten by food.

Content created and supplied by: @Davy254 (via Opera News )

Onion Royco Salt Sufulia Sukuma


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