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Why You Need Donkey Meat In Your Plate

Human beings have been consuming different animal fleshes for food. These animals that provide edible fleshes for human beings can either be domesticated or wild. Domesticated animals that provide edible fleshes for human beings include sheep, goats, cows, rabbits and pigs whereas the wild ones include antelopes, hares and porcupines.

People consume animal fleshes because they provide good health to them. This is because they contain water contents, proteins and fats. However, according to health experts, people should not consume meat in excess because it can lead to some health problems like chronic conditions that include diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Over time, there are some animals like donkeys that people have not been eating because they think their meat is not edible. However, donkey meat is edible and have health benefits just like other meats. Donkey meat contain low cholesterol, low fat and contain iron.

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