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Why Is the Banana Curved?

Bananas are well known as a great source of pottasium and it's also excellent source of vitamins. The fruit counts as the most recognized fruits on planet Earth. Have you ever found yourself wondering why bananas are curved and not straight? Not ever banana is the same, some are more curved and some are less curved.

What is the reason behind bananas curvey shape?

Bananas go through a process that is scientifically called negative geotropism. In layman's terms is that as the banana grows they become too heavy for the plant and start sinking towards the ground.

Moreso, bananas originate from the rainforest where few rays of sun are able to penetrate through the foilage,due to this the banana tend to bend upwards to break the canopy in search for the sun rays. One of the amazing fun fact about banana is that it's also seedless like the grapes too

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Banana Curved


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