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The Most Consumed Beverages in The World

Water is the most common beverage and simple beverage in the world that you cannot survive without. It is the main ingredient in most beverages consumed around the world and this is why there has been continuous invention and changed to ensure that people drink safe and clean water.

Tea is another popular drink. It is made by combining hot water and cured tea leaves. It is popular and can be enjoyed both when cold or hot. Coffee is also worlds best beverage and are produced in 70 countries and all the others enjoy taking it daily ,especially iced coffee is popular in summer.

Many people enjoy buying orange juice while some prefer squeezing fresh oranges to make their own juice. It is delicious and rich in Vitamin C. Beer is also a popular alcoholic beverage around the world. It is a refreshing fermented beverage which has been there since prehistorical times. It is there to stay and be consumed over years by people in different countries in the world.

Soft drinks and sodas are popular and are found in all restaurants around the world. It is the made if carbonate, water, artificial flavours and sweetener such as sugars. Most people purchase wine which is an alcoholic beverage made with fermented grapes or other fruits. Wine exist as red wine, white wine or non alcoholic wine. There are affordable and available at restaurants.

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