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Best way to store fresh corriander(dhania) to make it last long

What is corriander

Corriander is a herb used by many people to enhance food flavour. People use corriander seeds and leaves, alike coriander leaves are readily available in both supermarkets and open air markets. The fresh leaves give a flavour to food when added to food when it is almost cooked. However the use of fresh coriander is a challenge sometimes due to its highly perishable nature and this warrants for adoption of a good storage method.

How to store fresh coriander stocks

First wash and chop off the roots. Remove the bad leaves mainly the frail and discoloured ones if present and retain the healthy green ones. Use a paper towel/serviette to dry the green dhania leaves by patting them. Allow further drying by aerating them in a cool dry place for four hours or even overnight. Next select a plastic airtight container and place paper towels in it to form a lining then place the unmoist coriander inside it and wrap the leaves with the paper towel. Thereafter cover the container with the lid and store in a cool place preferably in a refrigerator. The coriander can be used sparingly by removing only the required amount followed by storing the remainder. This method of storing the coriander will ensure one enjoys using the fresh spice for up to ten days.

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