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Reason why you should eat more fruits and their seed.

Human body comprises different components of minerals and nutrients which make it strong, nutrients like vitamin,protein, calcium, copper and zinc.

1. Pumpkinseed

Pumpkinseed look so small but are key packed with full nutrients, if one can eat small quality it can provide you substantial health fats like magnesium,zinc and antioxidants.

Advantages of of pumpkinseed

a. Valuable nutrients

Pumpkinseed contain many nutrients like fiber,iron,zinc and copper.

b. High in antioxidants

Pumpkinseed contains antioxidants which can reduce inflammation and protect cells from harmful radicals and heart disease.

c. Prostate and bladder

Pumpkinseed may relief symptoms of being prostatic which is a condition in which prostate glands enlarge and cause problem with ruination.

2. Watermelon seed

Watermelon is the most loved summer fruit because of it's incredible hydrating ability as it contain 90 percent of water, it is enriched with a lot of essential minerals and vitamin.

a. Good for heart and immunity

Watermelon seed are associated with strong immunity due to the presence of magnesium.

b. Boosts metabolism

Watermelon seed is a power house nutrients like float,iron, zinc and copper

3. Beans

Beans contains amino acid which are protein building blocks that the body uses to heal and make new tissues

a. Protein

Protein is a vital nutrients that play a role in maintaining and repairing the body

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