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How To Cook Delicious Rice With Minji

Rice is one of the favorite foods for many people. It is sweet and delicious when served with your favorite stew. Today we learn how to prepare delicious rice with Minji.

The ingredients to have include;

  1. 1/2kg rice
  2. 3 carrots chopped
  3. I cup minji
  4. I bunch of Dania
  5. 2 onions chopped
  6. 20 ml cooking oil

The procedure to follow;

  1. Boil the minji until soft.
  2. Fry the onion until golden brown...
  3. Add the carrots and cover for 3min.
  4. Add the minji and add four glasses of water until it boils..
  5. Add rice and cook at a medium heat until all the water dries
  6. Sprinkle the Dania after the water dries and simmer for 2 seconds
  7. Serve when hot.

This is one of the easiest foods to prepare at home especially for lunch. It is full of all the nutrients. I hope you try out the recipe at home and also share the article to your friends.

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