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Avoid These Questions Which May Hurt Your Friends

Having friends is a nice thing, and you will always feel good when you have the right company. Friends will always make you smile, especially during difficult times, they will encourage you in life to keep pushing. Good friends will never leave you alone whenever you have a problem because they know the value of friendship. However, friendship is something you need to keep and it should be treating each other well without misunderstanding. This only be achieved by avoiding things that can hurt each other. If you know something is not good to your friend it's better to avoid earlier. These include questions which hurt most.

The following are some of the questions you should avoid asking your friends;

Are you going to eat or not

This question hurts because, if you really know your friend is hungry and needs to eat the food, why should you ask. If you have the food just give it to your friend instead of asking. Even if it's buying , just buy without asking because you understand and know whether your friend is hungry or not . Therefore, avoid this question.

Can give you my clothes which looks good on you.?

You are the only person who knows if your friends need clothes. If a friend needs some clothes why can't you just give out without asking for a permission. Some people won't accept such gifts because, when you ask they feel you are taking an advantage of them . If you see your friend is lacking something just give it to her without asking .

How many cups of tea can I cook for you

You should avoid this question because, your friend will get annoyed. Never measure the amount of food a person is eating . Just prepare enough for your friend which he or she can just get satisfied. Some friends will say they are okay even if they were feeling hungry because they feel ashamed to say the amount of food they can eat before you give them.

Why have you not done the chores

Stop reminding your friends to do what they know they just have to do. This can make someone lose some interest in doing that work. Just give your friend sometime to think about what they are needed to do and later will do it without supervision.

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