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Check out this restaurant where monkeys are used as waiters to serve customers.

Monkeys are pretty animals which attract a lot of tourists because of their mobility and friendly nature towards human beings. Many people enjoy feeding monkeys with bananas and other foodstuffs. But how about being served by a monkey when you visit a restaurant? Sounds quite amazing, right? This is the case of a restaurant and bar called Kayabukiya Teavern in Japan. This restaurant uses monkey to serve it's customers. One monkey takes the orders while another delivers drinks to customers. The monkeys have been treated well and hence they can not cause any infection whatsoever. Maybe your thinking about their salary or how they are paid. The monkeys receive boiled soya beans from customers as tips for their service. Quite an exploitation? Due to Japanese animal regulations, the monkeys are allowed to work for only two hours a day.

I think this was a great idea as it saves a lot of costs intended for paying waiters. What do you think?

Thanks for reading.

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Japanese Kayabukiya


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