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Do You Like Eating Bananas? Avoid These Types Of Bananas As Much As Possible From Today

To grow healthy you should eat balance diet. Balance diet consists the following; vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. These nutrients are very important in our bodies. Some sources of vitamins includes; cabbages, kales, spinach, mangoes, apples and watermelon. All these foods prevent us from diseases. Furthermore, green bananas are healthy to our bodies. They provide us with energy that we use to do different work at home or in the office. Also we have ripe bananas. Ripe bananas normally provide us with vitamins.

Many people are selling bananas in the markets. Some of these bananas are artificially ripened by using calcium carbide. Calcium carbide is nomally dissolved in water to produce acetylene gas which is used as ripening agent in bananas. These chemicals are harmful to human beings because they can cause cancer. Furthermore, the natural ripened banana are normally put in a polythene bag or sack before being put in a warm place. They can take 24 hour to 72 hrs to ripe.

You can use this procedure to identify bananas that are artificially ripened. Buy one banana and check its colour. If the banana has a lemon colour and green stalk reject it immediately. The naturally ripened banana is yellow in colour and has black stalk or blown and is normally sweet. You can buy this one and eat it without fear.

So make sure you check bananas properly before you buy to determine if it is good.

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