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Cooking Recipes


Plan Your Weekend Meals Effortlessly Using This Guide

Most of the people are at home through out the weekends and so I want to give you ideas of meals you can cook in your kitchen.

Meal planning helps you to spend less. Knowing what to cook will also save time when you get in the kitchen.

1.Rice mixed with green peas and carrots

This will go well with meat stew and greens

2.Weeked it is time to cook meals which take time like chapatis

You can Escort chapati with any stew of your choice like ndegu, lentils or even meat

Cooking meals at home increases your chance of reaching health goals, no matter if those are to lose weight, or gain

3.For me Sundays nights are for cooking ugali and matumbo

For lunch meals you can go for easy cooking meals like pasta

4.Its the perfect time to go for a chicken a kienyeji one is perfect with some brown rice

Content created and supplied by: Trizahkatile (via Opera News )


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