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How To Make Homemade Layer Feeds For Your Chickens

If you are concerned about what is in the chicken feeds you are buying and you cannot afford to feed your chickens with no GMOs, then, this homemade layers feed will be an answer to your prayers. In this article, we shall look at how to prepare homemade layers of feeds for your chickens. These feeds are easy to make and at 16% proteins won't detract from the nutrition they need.

Ingredients that you need to make the homemade layers of feeds for your chickens.

  • 20 cups pearl barley – good for energy
  • 10 cups hard red wheat – good for energy
  • 10 cups hulled millet – rich in amino acids
  • 6 cups oat groats – B vitamins calcium, fiber, energy
  • 10 cups split peas – high protein
  • Optional additives (see below)

There are more ingredients involved in commercial non-GMO feed. These ingredients include the food-grade diatomaceous earth, 2 cups of garlic powder, and 2 cups of kelp. Diatomaceous earth is important because it will out the bugs away from the feeds and keep worms at bay. Garlic powder is a natural worker because it is toxic to parasites and also an immune booster for chickens. The kelp is also crucial because it contains plenty of needed minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and salts in the right amount needed in the diet of the chickens. Along with that, kelp also boosts the laying of eggs and promotes or enhances the nicest, dark York that indicates nutritious eggs.

Instructions for preparing the layers feed.

All you need is to mix all the ingredients and switch to your hens after 3 weeks. With this recipe, you will make at least 20.4 lbs, 20% protein.

Although it is sort of hard to nail down the exact percentage of proteins needed in the chicken diet, it is necessary to dig out some information. The information can be gotten from the Internet or some articles that I will soon be addressing. Thank you.

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