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6 Hidden Home Functions of Sugar You Must Know Apart From Being a Sweetener

Apart from making tea and coffee drinks, sugar can be used in the following ways;

Instant fire booster

Sugar makes the fire burning for longer as it acts as a booster and nutrition to feed the fire. Sprinkle some sugar granules into the fire or around the burning candle. It will lighten up for a long time.

Removes grass stains

Make a solution of warm water and sugar and soak the affected cloth in it. Let it stay for an hour then wash it normally. The stain will fade away.

Sooth a burned tongue

You may have burnt your tongue by sipping a hot drink or taking hot food. The only thing to soothe your tongue is sugar. Take a pinch of sugar and put it on your tongue and wait for the best results.

Feeds flowers

You can make your own plant food by mixing some sugar directly into the water in your favorite vase. Add a splash of vinegar to discourage bacteria that might also like to feed on that sugar.

Keeps roaches away

Mix equal parts of sugar and baking powder then sprinkle around the area prone to cockroaches, they will vanish within a short period of time.

Healing cuts

Scoop some sugar granules and sprinkle them on the cut area or wound. Sugar has antiseptic qualities that act as a disinfectant that makes the cut heal. It also helps in blood clotting.

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