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How To Fry Delicious Spinach To Serve With Ugali

Spinach is rich in iron. It is recommending for women and teenage girls. The doctors also advise every person to eat spinach in order to avoid blood shortage in the body. It is often found in the markets and you can grow it in a small portion of your land if you have some. Today let's learn how to easily fry spinach.


2 bunch spinach



cooking oil

salt to taste

The procedure;

1)Wash the spinach, tomatoes and onions then cut each into small pieces separately.

2)Fry the onions with enough cooking oil until it turns brown.

3)Add the tomatoes and let it cook,then add a little salt to taste.

4)Add the spinach and let it cook for five minutes. It should not overcook as the nutrients will go away.

5)Serve while hot, for me I like eating my spinach with Ugali but you can serve it with rice or chapati.

Am sure if you follow the steps you will enjoy. Always eat spinach at least twice a week. Share the article to your friends. Wishing you a healthy life.

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