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Worst Belly Fat Habits

Consumption of white bread

The refined grains in white bread and other processed foods have been stripped of slow-digesting fiber, causing your blood sugar to rise. This can lead to weight increase over time. Instead, choose for whole-grain carbohydrates.

Meal skipping

Did you know that skipping breakfast increases your chances of becoming obese by 412 times? Going without food slows your metabolism, making it more likely that you will overeat later when you are hungry.

Late supper

By eating earlier in the evening, you'll give your digestive system more time to accomplish the task of burning off your meal. The later you consume calories, the less time your body has to expend them.

Eating too quickly

It takes your brain roughly 20 minutes to receive the message that your stomach is full. You'll keep eating past the point your body requires if you pack food in too rapidly. Slow eaters consume less calories, preventing weight gain.

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