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8 Foods To Avoid Eating To stay Healthy and Strong ?

Foods to Avoid

There are many other factors like stress, sun and smoking which speed up this aging process, but do you know apart from these thing one of the biggest contributors is bad and unhealthy food. Following are some food which you should avoid to stay young.

1. Sugar

Sugar is the biggest aging contributing food which causes premature aging. It interferes with elastin and collagen which are your skin's favorite proteins.

When sugar is broken down it binds with collagen, and this binding with collagen cause wrinkles and sagging of the skin. It can also cause insulin spike in your blood, resulting in inflammation, which itself is driving force of aging.

2. Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are full of acids, refined sugar, and other chemicals which are harmful for health. They can damage your teeth and your smile will never be the same again as you will look older.

They also contain high sodium and caffeine that can lead to dehydration, and when you are dehydrated your skin look older and wrinkled.

3. Deep Fried Food

Cooking food at high temperatures increases inflammatory compound known as 'Advanced glycation end products' or AGES. And AGES indeed do age you.

AGES are the one of the main culprits in damaging the collagen of your skin. They encourage inflammation and oxidative stress in your body, which can speed up the aging process.

4. Processed Meats

Processed meats, like salami, sausages and bacon have become a part of people's daily diet, but they can really speed up the aging process. This is because of the presence of high amount of preservatives and sulphites in these meats which are pro-inflammatory, which can make you look older.

Processed meats are also full of trans-fats. Additionally the high amount of salt in these products boost your water retention, making you look puff

5. Fast Food

Fast foods are loaded with harmful trans-fats, which cause blockages in arteries and results in the storage of fat in your body.This make your skin look stiff and dull.

Trans-fats also reduce the fluidity of your cells, put burden on your liver and boost inflammatory effects in your body leading to older, stiffer and more wrinkled skin.

6. Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils like Soybean and Canola oil can lead to damage cell membranes, as they are highly processed. This speeds up the aging process and leave you with an increased risk to heart diseases.

Vegetable oils are also rich in trans-fats which promotes inflammation, making your skin more vulnerable to UV rays damage.

7. Alcohol

Alcohol effects liver which is your body's number one detoxifying organ. When the liver is damaged or slowed in its ability to function well and flush toxins out of your system then the results in acne, wrinkles and sallowness are visible on your skin.

8. Salty Foods

Salty foods with too much salt can lead to excess amount of sodium in your blood which in return causes water retention in your body and the skin, which can make your skin look bloated, puffy, tired and aged.

So, it better to avoid these foods completely, or minimize their use. Adopt healthy eating habits to slow down the aging process and for more beautiful, youthful and younger you.

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