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How To Prepare Delicious 'Matumbo'

By Calvine Serem.

Matumbo is one of the cheapest source of protein compared to red meat.In English Matumbo is called tripe. To make it delicious prepare it in the following ways;


1/2Kg of whole Matumbo (Tripe).

2 washed and chopped tomatoes.

1 chopped onion.

2 tablespoons of Royco mchuzi mix.

Chopped Coriander.

2 grated garlic gloves.

1 Large hoho.

Cooking oil.


1. Wash the whole Tripe , place it in the cooking pot.Add water atleast half a litre,cover it and let it boil in a medium heat.Let it boil for atleast 2 to 3 hours until it turns soft and tender.

2.Drain the remaining water if any,cut the tripe into pieces.

3.Take another sufuria and pour atleast 25 ml of cooking oil.Fry the chopped onions on a medium heat till they turn brown.Add 2 chopped tomatoes in it and stir until the tomatoes soften.

4.Add the pieces of tripe to the mixture and add 1 tablespoon of salt and stir the mixture.Add 2 grated garlic gloves to the mixture. Also, dissolve 2 tablespoons of Royco mchuzi mix using half cup of cold water and add it to the mixture stir it and cover it and let it simmer for atleast 10 minutes.

5.When the soup is thick add the chopped pieces of coriander and hoho.Cover and let it simmer for atleast 3 minutes.

Best served with hot ugali.

Content created and supplied by: calvineserem (via Opera News )

Calvine Serem Coriander Matumbo Royco Tripe


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