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5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Instant Noodles

Who doesn't know instant noodles? They are processed foods which people should avoid as much as possible. Instant noodles are widely known because they are easy to cook and pocket friendly. Studies have revealed that regular consumption of instant noodles can be very dangerous to your health.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should avoid eating instant noodles.

Low in nutrition

Instant noodles are fully packed with a lot of calories, saturated fats, sugar and practically with no protein or fiber in them. When you replace your healthier meals with noodles, then you are slowly killing yourself, since your body isn't getting enough nutrients to keep it healthy.

Weight gain

Instant noodles are made from refined wheat flour that is devoid of fiber. They are also rich in fat and sodium which can help your body to retain excess water that can facilitate in making you gain weight and later on result to obesity.

May cause rectal cancer

According to studies, instant noodles take a long time to be digested which means they remain in the stomach for long hours and this can lead to constipation. After the digestion process, when they are converted into waste products, they still remain in the colon for long hours and this may indirectly cause rectal cancer.

May cause high blood pressure

Instant noodles are highly enriched with sodium. If regularly consumed they may increase your blood sugar levels, hence leading to hypertension.

It may result to delayed development in children.

Instant noodles don't contain essential nutrients that can support the growth and development of children. They can be harmful to children and cause delayed development by causing interruptions on their mental or physical growth.

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