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Why is Donkey Milk so Expensive In Europe?

Donkeys also known as asses are members of the zebra and hoarse family. They have long, floppy ears and tend to be stockier than horses and zebras. There are 3 types of donkeys in the world: domesticated, feral and wild donkeys.

Donkey milk has over the years been used for cosmetic purposes and as infant nutrition. Most beauty products made from donkey milk are very expensive. Other uses include preparation of soaps, body lotions among others.

Literally, donkey milk has the PH similar to human milk which is neutral or slightly alkaline due to its low content of caseins and phosphates. Both donkey milk and human milk have poor protein content and fat but rich in lactose.

Although donkey milk may sound like a trendy newcomer to mill market, but in reality, it has been in existence for consumption for many decades. Recently, it has become more popular and has gained momentum in the European, and Asian milk markets due to its nutritional value.

Donkey milk nutrition is generally similar to that of human milk. It provides vitamins,fats proteins and minerals in high amount. It's lower in fats with more Vitamin D than any other milk. Proteins in donkey milk has an anti microbial compounds that prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses.

Similarly, people with cow's milk protein allergies can tolerate donkey milk because it doesn't cause any allergic reactions. The lactose compounds in donkey milk helps your body to absorb calcium Fri strong bone formation. Research shows that donkey milk causes cells to produce nitric oxide that helps in dilation of blood vessels.

In summary, donkey milk is limited in supply and is more expensive. It's health benefits has made it more expensive in consuming countries due to its limited supply.

By Dominique Lao

[email protected]

Content created and supplied by: DominiqueLao (via Opera News )

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