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Prepare Delicious Matumbo Wet Fry This Way

Here is how you can prepare Matumbo wet fry.


1. 1kilogram matumbo(cut into small pieces)

2. Coriander leaves

3. One large onion is chopped into small sizes.

4. Four large tomatoes chopped.

5. Salt for taste.

6. 3 spoonfuls of cooking oil

7. Grated garlic.

Method of Preparation.

In a large Sufuria, put the chopped tripe and clean them well.

Place them on medium heat and let them cook for around 20 minutes till they become soft. Add salt and stir for two minutes. Remove from heat.

Look for a different sufuria. Add onions and cooking oil. Place it on heat to cook slowly till it turns brown.

Add your matumbo and stir for five minutes till it completely turns brown.

Add garlic and grated ginger. Mix them for three minutes. Add tomatoes and tomato paste.

Lastly, add coriander leaves and stir. Simmer it for nearly three minutes and remove it from heat.

It is now ready and can be served with Ugali and rice.

In my view, it is important if sometimes you try this in your home. Your children and husband will love it.

What is your viewpoint on this? Kindly feel free to share down here in the commenting section.

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Coriander Matumbo Sufuria


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