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Why does president Putin carry his own cup?

Any international meeting that heads of states participate in are prepared on the highest level of comfort and security.

Every food,water is checked by specialists.Most people assume they are tested for poisons,but in reality most checks are mundane.Basic things such as, if the seal on the bottle is opened,what is the expiration date etc. are checked.Random bottles are further opened and inspected.

Also before meeting,the personal preference of heads of states are asked months in advance.The recieving side can and would prepare several types of that meal or drink.These are just small details that heads of states are accustomed to.

President Putin likes to drink hot green tea.If you have ever kept green tea in a thermos,you know that keeping it for more than half an hour makes it virtually undrinkable.Green tea tastes best when served fresh.If it's not green tea he drinks it would be something else difficult to get.

Lastly,Putin having his own thermos cup creates some sought of mystery and drama that makes people to concentrate on the thermos cup than something else.Thank you.

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