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Common Mistakes People Make While Preparing Vegetable

Vegetables are the most consumed types of food in the world. This is because they are rich in nutrients that our bodies need. Unfortunately, there are some mistakes we make when preparing vegetables, and below are some of these mistakes.

Oiling the vegetables.

Many people add oil to vegetables to prevent them from sticking on the pan which is not healthy and could lead to the vegetable getting burned. The best way is to add a little water to prevent it from burning.

Overcooking the vegetables

You should avoid overcooking vegetables because most of their nutrients are lost and it is less appealing. When they are overcooked they may become soggy or burnt which may be dangerous to our bodies.

Not adding salt

You should add salt to the vegetables to give them a taste and adding salt to vegetables like potatoes helps them boil at a high temperature.

Boiling vegetables

It is not appropriate to boil vegetables as they may lose a lot of their nutrients.

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