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4 Unique types of chapati

1) Beetroot chapati

This is a special type of chapatti that is prepared using beetroot. It also has different types of vegetables that are added to it while it is being prepared that have vitamins hence this kind of chapatti comes with a lot of vitamins which are helpful to people who have health problems.

2) Jolanda chapati

This chapatti is mainly prepared while using Jowar, it is mainly prepared in India, especially in Karnataka. It is found to be more coarse than the normal chapati made in Kenya, meaning that the Kenyan chapati is more hard when compared to it.

3) Sheermal

This chapatti is more sweet when you compare it with the other types of chapati, because it is prepared using Maida and Yeast then baked inside an oven. An addition of sweet milk is also used when preparing the chapatti. It is also flavored with saffron which makes it sweeter to eat it than the normal chapati.

4) Finally, Pashto

This is a type of chapati that has rice flour added to it during its preparation. It is mostly fried inside a pan along with ghee.

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