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If You See A Coca-Cola Bottle With A Yellow Cap, This Is What It Means.

You might possibly purchase a Coca-Cola everywhere from South Africa to Ghana. Regardless of where you are, the iconic red and white colour scheme will let you know exactly what you're receiving. However, when you return home and stop by the convenience store down the street, you may notice that some of the Coke bottles there look a little different. Those yellow cases conceal what? This was a new location for them. However, rather than being an oversight, those one-of-a-kind containers are actually communicating with customers in a very specific way. Only the in-the-know can decipher this hidden message.

Now and then, you'll see a Coke bottle with a tinted lid; therefore, what sets these bright yellow bottles apart? Beverage packaging often depicts the taste it contains, such as a beige cover for a vanilla beverage. However, this is not the case with the bright yellow ones. Not only that, but you can't just grab one of these containers and use it whenever you want. Only if you want to do so within that time limit will you be able to view them. The retail availability of yellow coverings is indicative of the arrival of spring. If you're not careful, you might run across them in the street.

The situation with the yellow lids for the containers is, on the other hand, a little special. The same can be said of their availability; like the colourful jars, they come in strictly controlled quantities. When compared to the formula used to create regular Coca-Cola, there is a minute variation in the ingredients used to create this kind. While regular Coca-Cola does contain high-fructose corn syrup, the variety sold in the distinctive yellow bottles does not. Generally speaking, these drinks use sucrose, a sugar that can be derived from either beet sugar or natural sweetener. That has the makings of being extremely arbitrary, at least on paper.

Why change everything if it just needs one thing? It gets right to the point. The change is made for those who observe Passover. Corn syrup, like many other types of food, is forbidden during the Jewish New Year. However, sucrose is permitted, so those who are sugar-conscious during Passover can still have a Coke with a yellow lid.

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