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How To Prepare Chicken Pilau

Pilau is a very popular food in many parts of the world. It is also a food that is loved and appreciated by many, not big or small. Pilau is undoubtedly popular due to its refreshing qualities. First and foremost is the delicious food. It is also a very easy food to prepare and takes very little time to prepare. Despite all of this, it is a food that needs the most common ingredients found in any market.

There are many Pilau recipes. Some cook ordinary pilau or others like to garnish it with peas, grapes or other ingredients. The ingredients used may be the same but when you put them together they make a difference in taste. Or some may use more ingredients than others and this may be the case.

REQUIREMENTS 1/2 Kg of Rice One sliced ​​chicken cut and washed thoroughly, 2 chopped water onions cut into slices, pepper 1 grated Carrot, Dania, 2 sliced ​​tomatoes, 3 sliced ​​potatoes, cinnamon, 2 tablespoons of Tomato paste, 1 table spoon of grated garlic 1, teaspoon crushed mango pepper, 1 teaspoon thinly sliced ​​dill cooking oil approximately 3 tablespoons

PREPARATION Marinate the chicken (add vinegar and salt to the chicken and leave it for about half an hour. Put the pan on the fire and add the oil, when it is hot put the onion and fry it until they turn to golden brown colour.

Add all the spices (pilaf medicine) and onion and cook for a few seconds Put tomatoes, squash peppers, carrots, tomato paste and chicken cover and let simmer for about 10 minutes

Let the rice cook for a few seconds Put the potatoes and some water. cover until the water is almost dry, about 10 minutes (the amount of water will depend on the rice. I have used sun-rice so I have put enough water to cover the rice and a little more) Let the garlic stir well and let the water dry well then cover and set on low heat if you use a gas cooker for about 10 to15 minutes.

Pilau is ready.

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