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Trending: Meet Chebet, A Tea Plucker From Nandi With First-class Honors In Biochemistry

Twenty seven year old Winny Chebet, from Kiptaragon village Emgwen Sub-county has caused a trend online after her results slip with a first class honour in Biochemistry went viral.

Winny has been working very hard in all of her academic years hoping for a change in his humble background whith mandatory papers however, that remained a dream as she never got a chance for a white collar job forcing her to hustle in tea farms with due payment of 110 shillings daily.

It has now been the third year hustling in tea plantations after Chebet became desperate for a white collar job.The lass shares a painful experience during her search for a job; she stated that she was conned ksh 6,000 by a vicious guy who offered to help her with processing relevant documents but in turn derailed the agreement and disappeared.

Chebet until today never understood why Karatina University( The University She graduated from) did the controversy by failing to offer her the opportunity to advance her studies to Masters despite being one of their first class honors.In Kenya, all public Universities are supposed to give all of their top students scholarships wether abroad or in the country but for Chebet, it has remained an illusion.

Chebet's story has really touch the hearts of many and people have wished her luck this year.The story has also angered netizens leading them to hit on the Government for not considering such students.It has also left questioning; If top students like Chebet have been unemployed for two years, how long will an average student take to be employed?

In your opinion, what should the Government do to curb the rising unemployment curve in the Country?

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Chebet Emgwen Karatina University( Kiptaragon Nandi


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