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Good News To Ugali And Porridge Lovers As KEBS Makes This Announcement Intending To Safeguard Them

Kenya being one of the country that largely depends on Ugali as one of the stable food, producers of Maize flour have taken it as an advantage of producing substandard products and sell it to citizens, something that endangers lives of majority.

But Kenya Bureau of Standards has made a decision to safeguard consumers of this maize products by blacklisting a total of 27 popular brands of maize flour in the country."Kebs wishes to notify the public that these maize meals and composite flour brands have not complied with the requirements and therefore should not be sold to the public until further notice and the necessary corrective actions have been undertaken by the concerned parties,” read a statement released by the Bureau.Out of the 27 blacklisted brands, 12 of them are those meant for making ugali and the remaining 15 are porridge brands. This shows that the most notorious brands are those meant for making porridge.

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