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Don't Buy Cooking Oil Again, Make Use Of This Simple Ingredient To Make Your Own

The vast majority of people can go at least once a day without using cooking oil in their diet. Although using it in cooking is sweet and tasty, we cannot overlook how expensive it is because to the increased demand in the market. But it's not all bad if you know how to make your own cooking oil using these common components.

What you'll need for the show

5–6 ripe avocados, as well as various kitchen tools such as a hand sieve, bowl, knife, spoon, and cloth

After you've gotten your avocados, wash them, then slice them into smaller pieces with a knife or cutter, removing the outside part, then mash them until they turn into a soft paste, then get a clean cloth and pour the soft avocado paste on the clean cloth and air them out to dry.

It's important to note that none of these steps should be done with a machine. Check the avocado paste after it has dried for 4 or 5 days to determine if it has become black. After that, squeeze the paste with the cloth till some liquid comes out, which is the oil; you can use it for cooking and it is excellent for your body.

Take the extracted oil and strain it thoroughly to remove any dirt that may have gotten into it during the extraction. Cook with it and store the rest in a cold, dry location. It is preferable to use a good avocado for the best results.

Please forward this post to your friends so that they can save money on cooking oil.

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