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Mad Honey. It is 100% pure but 1 tablespoon of it will get you stoned.

In Nepal there is a certain type of honey that will get you stoned. This honey is mostly called mad honey and is only found in 2 places in the whole world.

Local beekeepers have to make dangerous climbs just to harvest the honey. Consuming more than 1 tablespoon of this honey in any given 24 hours could have major effects on your body. The recommended intake is just 1 tablespoon in 24 hours. The honey is poisonous but in a good way. It causes a high feeling when consumed and some times you can experience hallucinations. Locals however say that if you exceed the amount prescribed it causes diaharrea, vomiting and is an extremely uncomfortable experience for the person.

The effect of it are short term and don't last more than 24 hrs. This honey which no body has died as a result of taking it have its health benefits also.

Unlike other honeys ,the consumption of this honey gives one a boost in strenth. It is used as a sexual stimulant. A sweet substitute for viagra. Mad honey is rare and thus expensive. It sells for around $60-$80 dollars a pound. This makes it the most expensive honey. Asian countries some which have very strict anti-drug buys this honey on black markets. Whats your thoughts on this mad honey? Can you consume it? Leave a comment below, thank you.

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Mad Honey Nepal


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