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Common Fruits You Should Eat Without Peeling So As To Get All The Nutrients

We are all aware that fruits are very nutritious and generally good for the body. What we do not know, however, is that there are some particular fruits that should be eaten together with their peels. There are some fruits that have nutritious peels that should never be removed before eating them. Some people peel off the skin of fruits without knowing their numerous health benefits. When you peel fruits like cucumber or carrot before eating, you will tend to loose some essential nutrients. I will share some fruits you shouldn' t peel before eating. Below are a few of them;


Carrot peels contain vitamin A and other phyto nutrients that are essential to nourish your body. When you want to eat your carrot try not to peel it. You can scrub your carrot to remove the dirt.


The green skin of cucumber contains fiber and other essential nutrients which helps to keep you very healthy. When you peel your cucumber, you will tend to lose some essential minerals by doing so.


Mango peels are very nutritious, that is why you have consume it. According to research they contain vitamin A, iron and fiber. These nutrients present can help keep you healthy. However, you should wash the mangoes properly before eating.


Most people don' t like eating their banana peels because they don' t really taste good. Banana peel contains potassium, fiber and vitamins which helps to increase your energy levels and enhance proper digestion. When you throw these peels away, you may lose some essential nutrients.


The green crunchy peel of watermelon is packed with antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients. These nutrients present helps to regulate your blood pressure and keep you healthy. You can eat the skin with the fleshy and succulent part of the watermelon.

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