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Chapati Recipe: How to Make them Soft and Layered

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Chapatti is a tasty and delicious unleavened flatbread similar to Indian parathas. The Kenyan style chapatti is layered, which makes it very soft and a very popular bread that can be had at any time of day or with anything. It is perfect with stews, soups, or even with a cup of chai (tea).

Chapatti making is a good exercise, and the more you make chapatti, the better you become at it. If you have a mixer, it makes it easy and gives a better dough with good consistency, but you can also do it by hand kneading, which takes a little more work and time. When the dough is ready, it should spring back when pressed with a thumb.

Have you ever tried cooking or eaten chapatti that is hard and tough but continued to yearn for the soft layered chapatti that just seems to slide smoothly down your throat with your accompaniment of choice? If you desire to enjoy a delicious and memorable chapatti delicacy, then this recipe is for you. Learn how to make soft chapattis that will leave your family and friends talking about them for days on end. Chapatti is not a complicated meal to make as it only requires essential ingredients that are readily available in your home. These chapattis will be crispy on the outside and soft and layered on the inside.


·        500g all-purpose flour (4.5 cups)

·        200ml warm water

·        ½ Tablespoon salt

·        ½ Tablespoon sugar

·        ¼ cup/4 Tablespoons vegetable oil and extra in a squeeze bottle

Image courtesy of Pinterest


1.      Mix all the dry ingredients (flour, salt, sugar) in a bowl.

2.      Slowly add in your warm water as you continuously knead your dough

3.      Add in the vegetable oil and continue kneading. The consistency you are looking for is like that of bread dough (soft, smooth, and when you press it in with your finger, it pops back up).

4.      Knead the flour for five minutes and then cover it well with a plastic wrap or moist towel for 30-45min which will help your dough relax and make it easier to work with when rolling it out. This is a very crucial step while making chapatti. Your dough should be stringy and not sticky when you press into it.

5.      Sprinkle flour on the rolling surface and remove the dough from the bowl, and using your hands, roll it out into a log shape.

6.      Cut the dough into sizeable balls of your choice (the ideal number of dough balls is 12).

7.      Sprinkle the dough balls with four and pick one ball to start with. Sprinkle flour on your rolling surface, and using a rolling pin, roll the ball flat till thin. Sprinkle the oil from your squeeze bottle onto the flat dough and spread it evenly.

8.      Roll the dough and pinch the ends, then stretch it out and roll it into a spiral. Do this for all the dough balls. When you start rolling them out, always start will the first dough ball you prepared as it will be the most relaxed and will be easier to work with.

9.      Have a bowl with parchment paper and a kitchen towel to cover your chapattis as you start cooking them. Covering the chapatti will prevent them from drying out.

10.  Roll your spiral bun into a circle and place it on a medium-hot pan. Heat the chapatti for 30 seconds (to know the chapatti is ready to be flipped over, bubbles will appear on the surface and sides). Once bubbles appear, flip the chapatti and apply oil as you allow the bottom side to cook for another 30 seconds.

11.  Once all sides are oiled, cook until golden brown on each side. Your chapatti is ready.

Bon Appetite!

Take-home: You can enjoy different flavors of chapattis (coriander, onion, pumpkin). Knead it together with your flour and prepare following the above steps.

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