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What You Should Eat When You Are Hungry But Don't Want To Eat Street Food

What do you eat in the market when you are hungry? It is so easy to find yourself in the streets when you are hungry. People do not like to eat street food. They avoid street foods because most of them experience food poisoning after eating. These foods are mostly filled with dust because they are stored in the open air.

It has very difficult to know the exact kind of water that was used to cook the food. You may find that the sellers do not handle the food hygienically. Most of them are seen collecting money at the same time as they touch food. That's why most people fear foods that are cooked on the streets.

When you are feeling hungry in the streets, just make sure you buy ripe bananas. You can buy for 20ksh where you will be given around six or four bananas depending on the price at that place. When you eat two to three of these bananas you will find that they will help you get satisfied easily. After eating the bananas you can buy clean water and drink on top of that

This will help you to be ok until you reach home where you can eat food that is well cooked and healthy. You should not struggle about what to eat anymore if you don't like cooked food in the streets. Banana is a fruit that can easily make your stomach full when you are hungry.

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