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How To Make Tasty Chapati

In a large bowl of salad, mix the flour, salt, and oil. We massed, adding a little water (warm) that the money received until we got a homogenous, soft squirrel that didn't stick to our fingers and separated from the walls of the container.

We went to the workplace covered with flour and well-cooked. The mapping, as with all the bread, is the most important step: the more time we dedicate to it, the better the result. You can do it with someone mixing, or with a robot, but I love to be able to eat by hand and rub in the flour.

We'll let the money covered in half an hour's rest. Then, we'll divide the money into balls as big as an egg more or less and we'll move them on the roller, and sprinkle the surface with more flour in the process to prevent them from sticking. They should be thin and round as much as possible.

We finally put them in a very hot, oil-swept griddle. When the little bubbles appear in the money, we twist it and keep cooking it for a while until it's efficient and colorful (be careful not to burn it).

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