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Calliandra, A Substitute To Dairy Meal That Saves Farmers Money And Gives Higher Milk Yield

Calliandra calothyrsus shrub.

Dairy farmers now have a reason to smile. Thanks to a shrub that can simply be grown with minimal labour and cost.It performs better than ordinary commercial dairy meal in terms of milk production. Calliandra Calothyrsus is its Scientific name. It's commonly refered to as Calliandra.

Calliandra is a leguminous plant with high protein content. Protein is necessary for milk production in dairy cattle. It's leaves and twigs are fed to dairy cows as a substitute to commercial dairy meal.A leaf of Calliandra plant.

Farmers can easily grow Calliandra in their farms. The shrub can also be established as a hedge to surround the farm.A farmer alongside her Calliandra hedge.

Calliandra growing is done from seeds which can easily be got from other farmers or from KARLO. Seedlings can also be got from licensed seedling farms. If one considers planting Calliandra as a hedge, spacing is not considered. If it's grown as a fodder crop in the farm, good spacing is a consideration. Calliandra is harvested after about six months. Its vegetative material is cut and fed to the animals.

Just 6kg of Calliandra is enough for one cow in a day. This helps to increase milk production in a considerable amount. Calliandra is the way to go for a farmer who needs to increase milk production.

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Calliandra Calliandra Calothyrsus


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