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Why You Should Not Eat Eggs if You See this

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Being a delicacy that is rich in many nutrients, many people love eggs but they are not being keen about them. Eggs can expose people to harmful bacteria that can make them seriously ill. 

When buying or just about to cook your eggs, you need to lookout for the indications of spoilage. When the signs of spoilage are seen it is safe to throw the eggs away. Though most individuals will immediately get well from foodborne diseases, in some people the illnesses can become severe. 

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According to a study conducted by the American Department of Agriculture (USDA), you should not eat your eggs if you notice that the white part of the eggs has turned pink or have changed their colour. This change of colour can mean that your eggs have been destroyed by bacteria. Eating eggs that are contaminated with such bacteria are likely to expose one to food poisoning. 

Besides the change in colour, there can also be changes in the smell of the eggs. When your egg has a different colour and smell then you should not even try it. When having those both signs of spoilage then the extent of food poisoning may be great if consumed. 

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is very important to examine your egg after breaking it to know if it is safe for consumption. Failing to take note of the colour variations can expose you to dangerous infections.  

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