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How to Treat Fowl Pox in Chicken at Home Using This Simple Ingredients.

Fowl Pox mostly attacks the chicken and it's is highly a contagious viral infection in poultry and it causes painful sores on the skin of the chicken. It occurs in two forms, dry and wet pox and since there is no cure, fowl pox can be prevented at home using the following natural ingredients.

You will easily notice some of the signs and symptoms such as, drop in egg production, loss of appetite and/or weight loss in due the fowl pox actually they drain too much blood from the chicken.

The fowl pox are the Viruses that is transmitted from the insects that bites the chicken.At the beginning of my poultry farming business, I didn't know much about fowl pox disease. When some of the birds were infected I isolated them.This forced me to look for a specialist and I found out that Fowl pox disease has no treatment and the chicken were supposed to be vaccinated early.Since vaccination cannot be administered to a sick bird, I had to find a way of treating the infected birds in order to avoid loses since some also died from the disease. That's when I discovered that Ginger and Garlic herbs are the best in treating the fowl pox.

These two herbs are liked by many people and are eaten due to its powerful antioxidans in it that can reduce inflammations. They are added to food as flavour or make tea like ginger. Garlic and ginger when given to chicken it increases the immunity.

How to Give the Chicken Ginger and Garlic

Crush the garlic and ginger add it to the drinking water you can use 3 to 4 gloves daily and put in 2 litres of water. Giving fresh garlic and ginger water daily to the sick chicken while other chicken which are not infected can be given twice a week. Ginger will also help to treat lesions inside the mouth and throat and other respiratory diseases as well boost the immune system".

Advice to all poultry farmers is that to prevent fowl pox from attacking the chicken don't buy the already infected chicken then mix with the ones which are not infected. Always monitor your chicken to detect the infectio early and start the treatment immediately .To avoid the spread of the virus clean the house of the chicken and keep it well ventilated.

Day old chicks and uninfected birds can be vaccinated against fowl pox. Thank you and please follow for more information.

Content created and supplied by: Carolkerry (via Opera News )

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