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Stop Cooking With Onions If You Have This Health Issue

Onions are one of the most used components in cooking, especially in foods such as kales, spinach, cabbages, beans and surprisingly some people also uses it in cooking chapatis. Onions are popularly used because they contains various nutritional properties raging from fibers, vitamin B, And folic acid. However, not all that glitters is gold, onions also poses some kind of hazards to people who have underlying Medical conditions. Below are the type of patients who should avoid cooking and consuming onions. 

High blood pressure patients.

Due to the content of potassium that's present in onions, the body's blood pressure is decreased. However, ingesting onions in large quantity either raw or cooked can subtly Increase the body's blood stress level. And therefore, when there's an excessive rise of blood stress level, it can possibly Cause someone to perish or gets in a coma. 

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