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Poultry: How To Build A Chicken House

For successful poultry farming you have to keep your coop under good condition a coop free from predators and a coop which is very spacious so that the chicken will have enough space.

It has been proofed that when you have a well maintained coop you reduce the death of chickens by 40%. So if you do not have a proper housing your chicken may die.

Basically the coop 2 square feet to 4 square feet. If you are rearing broiler chicken you can build 2 square feet house because after 2 months you will have sold all your broiler chickens.

When you are rearing Improved Kienyeji Chicken and layers you can build 3 square feet or 4 square feet.

When building it is advisable to concrete the floor so that you can be able to clean up your coop well.

Ensure you consider the space of the coop from the number of chickens you have and what purpose you are using them for.

Consider the direction of the light from the sun. Try as much as possible to avoid direct sunlight.

Also direct wind direction to the coop is not advisable to the flock.

You should also build the coop such that no predator can attack your flock.

Ensure you restrict the number of people entering your coop so that diseases will not attack your flock.

If you are spraying the coop it is advisable to start from the ceiling then walls and later floor to kill bacteria causing diseases. Spray chlorinated water and ensure each an every day you give your flock fresh water.

Have different coops for different flock of different ages.

Have also another coop away from the main coop to keep new flocks for observation and also to isolate sick birds.

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