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How to boost your chicken egg production

Poultry farming has been widely practiced in most countries in the world. Keeping chicken for either meat or eggs is an agribusiness type of venture which does not require alot of capital and space. You can keep as many birds as possible in a small available space.

It is therefore important to know what type of feeds that you should feed the chicken so that you can get alot of eggs for sale or consumption at home.

Egg formation in chicken largely depends on the calcium that the chicken consumes. Therefore if your chicken is laying eggs, it's important to give it feeds that contain calcium. Such feeds include egg shells. Eggshells can be gotten from the shells of eggs that should be crushed and missed with the flour feeds of chicken. This is a rich source of calcium that will improve the egg production.

Give your chicken fish fingerings. The fingerings together with the snail shells can be crushed or fed directly to the chicken. This has also proved to have alot of calcium content. Most of the chicken feeds have the fish fingerings and the shells as the main ingredients.

Give your layers alot of greens and herbs. Greens such as kales and other natural herbs contain alot of calcium. If you feed your chicken with greens and herbs twice or thrice in a week, you will boost the egg formation and hence increase the egg yield for your chicken.

A mixture of crushed maize and some white sand can also help your chicken to lay alot of eggs. Maize grains contain calcium and proteins. These will help in the egg formation. The white sand helps in the digestion of food as it must be crushed in the gizzard. The gizzard contains sand hence there is need to feed the chicken with sand to ensure effective food crushing in the gizzard hence proper absorbtion of food.

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