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3 Foods That Boost Milk Production in Lactating Mothers

Do you have milk production challenges while lactating? Many foods are thought to be nutritious, aiding your ability to produce more br*ast milk. Here are 3 foods that can increase br*ast milk production.

1) Whole grains

For mothers who are still nursing, whole grains are highly nourishing. They may also possess qualities that stimulate the production of prolactin and oxytocin hormones, needed to produce br*ast milk. So, consuming healthy grains may help you produce more br*ast milk. Slow-cooked old-fashioned oats are the grain that is most frequently utilized to produce more milk in the br*ast. Additionally, you can try dishes made from barley, whole-grain brown rice, oats, or other ingredients.

2) Leafy greens

Calcium is abundant in dark leafy green plants, including alfalfa, lettuce, kale, spinach, and broccoli. Leafy greens contain phytoestrogens, which may increase the production of br*ast milk.

3) Garlic

Because of its high nutritional value, garlic is a beneficial supplement to most diets. Additionally, it is thought to serve as a galactagogue, assisting lactating women in producing more milk. Even though garlic has a potent smell that does pass into breast milk, some babies appear to enjoy the flavor. Additionally, research suggests that milk with a garlic flavor may assist breastfeeding newborns nurse for a longer period of time. However, some kids could have trouble tolerating garlic. You might want to try avoiding garlic for a while if your child exhibits symptoms of food intolerance after you consume it.


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