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Why you Should Soak Liver in Milk and Salt Mixture Before Cooking

Liver is a very nutritious meal highly recommended to people suffering from anemia, pregnant and lactating mothers and infants as it contains high levels of iron. They also contains essential nutrients such as potassium, calcium, choline and vitamin A.

It's believed that liver is the easiest meal to cook. However, just because something is simple doesn't mean it is good, and so it is when preparing liver. For you to enjoy the taste, flavor and texture of liver, one should put in little effort and time in preparing it.

Thus,soaking it in milk or water for 30minutes to 3hours is one of the methods applied to prepare this delicacy.

Benefits of soaking liver in milk before cooking

1. It helps to reduce the liver's strong and distinctive taste and smell and soften it so that it loses its grainines.

This is made possible when the acids in the milk detoxify the organ and helps remove the acidic bitterness of the liver. The acids in milk also breaks down the toxins and the absorption of the milk into the organ helps it retain moisture whilst at the same time flushes out the bitter tasting blood with all the toxins

2. It tenderizes liver.

3. It weakens the intense flavor.

The milk contains casein which helps to pull out blood and impurties as well as some metallic elements. 

Soaking liver in milk doesn't alter its chemical composition or nutritional value in any way.

After that you can cook as desired.

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