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10 Foods Your Should Never Store In Your Refrigerator

There are certain foods that cannot be stored in the refrigerator. Not that they would harm you in any way, but their original texture will be ruined. Refrigerating these foods might also alter their taste which is definitely not what you are looking forward to.

1. Bananas- Low temperatures slow down the ripening of bananas. If you put green bananas in the refrigerator, they will remain green for a long time. However, you can refrigerate them when they begin ripening rapidly to slow the process. The skin may change colour to dark brown or black but the fruit itself will remain intact.

2. Oils- Oils change their texture so much when subjected to heat. But when kept in low temperatures, they become thick and stodgy. They will go back to their normal state when brought back to heat.

3. Potatoes- Refrigerating potatoes will break the starch in them which makes them griffy and sweeter. This process is not reversable, so once it happens, nothing can change it's taste. Therefore, refrigerating potatoes is not advisable.

4. Coffee- Once coffee is refrigerated, it loses its original smell and and also alters with it's flavour. The low temperatures in the fridge will lead to emission of moisture which will desaturate the flavour.

5. Onions- Onions become mushy and moldy if put in the fridge as a whole. They will also dissipate their smell to the sorrounding very easily leaving everything else smelling like onions which is unpleasant.

6. Honey- Natural honey does not go bad no matter how old it is. Refrigerating honey will crystallize it making it thick and doughy which makes scooping it very hard.

7. Tomatoes- When tomatoes are stored in the fridge, the cold temperatures meddle with them making them icy and mushy. Just like onions, they will get moldy in the fridge.

8. Garlic- Garlic will tend to get rubbery and moldy when subjected to low temperatures. The worst thing is that you will never know how bad they are until you cook because their colour remains unchanged outside.

9. Avocado- Just like bananas, refrigerating avocados will slow their ripening. However if their ripening is high, refrigerating is advisable to avoid spoilage.

10. Bread- Bread will not remain fresh for a longer period of time when refrigerated as many people think. Infact, it will get stale faster and change it's texture to hard and chewy.

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