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Let's Learn How To Cook Delicious Githeri

Githeri is one of the best traditional foods. It is often eaten at anytime be it lunch, morning or evening. There are different ways to cook githeri for example you can boil or fry. Today let's learn how to cook delicious tasty githeri to eat for supper.

1. Githeri recipe 1: What you need:

½ kg of boiled githeri (boil beans and maize before until they cook and get your preferred softness)

1 large onion (Finely chopped)

Garlic(3-4 Cloves chopped)

A small piece of ginger

chopped Curry powder to taste(1-2 tablespoon)

A small bunch of coriander

2 tomatoes chopped

Salt for seasoning

1 carrot

Half green pepper

What to do:

1. Fry your ginger, garlic and onion in a pan with oil.

2. Keep stirring to prevent burning.

3. Add curry powder and stir for at least 2 minutes on low heat.

4. Add chopped tomatoes and carrots and stir then allow to cook when covered.

5. Allow it to cook for another two minutes and add water whenever necessary to avoid making the sauce dry.

6. Then add the githeri and stir.

7. Let it cook for two minutes and add the peppers and cover.

8. Your githeri is ready when the peppers are crunchy.

9. You can add water to make the stew a bit thick plus you can put some beef stock cubes if you want it thicker.

10. Add coriander in the last stage and there’s your meal.

11. Serve your githeri hot to enjoy.

If you follow the above recipe am very sure you will enjoy your githeri. It is so nutritious and you can eat it once per week. Share the article to your friends.

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Curry Delicious Githeri Githeri


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