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Why 'Chapati' Is a Very Popular Food in Kenya?

Chapati is a very popular food in Kenya. It is loved by many people all across the country. It is native to the Swahili community located at the coast of Kenya, Zanzibar, and the coast of Tanzania.

Chapati looks familiar to the Indian bread known as 'Roti' and its made with similar ingredients like white flour, yeast, salt e.t.c.

The food gained it's popularity in Kenyan during the last 10 to 15 years years.

Today I will list some of the reasons as to why chapati is very popular in Kenya.

1. It is very easy to prepare.

Many people like chapati because of its requires very basic and simple methods to prepare.

In this times where everyone is busy hustling and bustling, we are left with very little time to spend in the kitchen. So a dish that is very easy to prepare will always be a favourite for many people.

2. It is very tasty.

Apart from being an easy dish to prepare, chapati is very tasty food especially when it's mixed with beans.

3. It is found readly available in most of the small hotels.

Infact this the main reason why chapati is very popular in Kenya.

The small hotels known as 'Mama Ntilie' are like a safe heavens for many kenyans because the foods that are found there are very cheap and get you full without having to spend much.

One of the main sold food in the small hotels is chapati.

Just like I have mentioned before, many people like to mix chapati with beans to make it more tasty.

4. It sastifying and can make you full for much longer time.

Another reason why chapati is very popular in Kenya is because it is sastifying, just like the stiff porridge which is another food that is very popular in Kenya.

Many Kenyans like myself tend to do works that requires alot of physical activity and that why eating a food that can stay in the stomach for long is important.

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