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7 Foods You Should Never Reheat In The Microwave

Microwave is currently one of the major kitchen appliances in every household which is used for reheating food. There are specific types of foods that should never be put in the microwave.

1. Boiled eggs- When a boiled egg is heated in the microwave, steam builds up from water molecules causing pressure to build up. Eggs are unable to hold in all the pressure because they have a thin membrane which leads to a very hot explosion in the microwave or even when you bite.

2. Carrots- If carrots are not properly washed before heating in the microwave, the minerals in the soil can cause a serious damage to the microwave if this is done severally.

3. Processed meat- When processed meat is heated in the microwave, the radiation can increase the cholesterol levels which can later lead to heart problems. The best way to heat it is by use of a grill.

4. Water- The electromagnetic waves in the microwave causes water molecules to super heat which makes water molecules unstable causing intense boiling and even explosion. This may cause burns especially when handled by children.

5. Chili peppers- Chili peppers contain high levels of capsaicin which is very flammable. When the capsaicin is exposed to the electromagnetic waves in the microwave, it produces fire which can catch fire very easily.

6. Chicken- When chicken is cooked in the microwave, it can spread bacteria called salmonella because of it's uneven cooking. This does not only apply to chicken but also to meat. Instead, cook it in oven or grill.

7. Tomatoes and tomato sauce- Just like eggs, tomatoes explode when exposed to the electromagnetic microwaves. This is because tomatoes contain a liquid content which spurts out due to pressure build up in the microwave leaving the entire microwave with red patches.

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