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Vegatables from "sewer gardens"

Most people residing in urban areas like Nairobi could be getting their fresh lovely looking sukumawiki, spinach, tomatoes and arrowroots from the so called "sewergarden"

Nairobi city has many outlets of dirty sewage water which some people take advantage of to grow their groceries then selling them to the big markets around the areas.

The fresh looking vegetables could be a lunch to many or also a supper date with sickness to them.

Vegetables grown along sewer lines and swampy dump sites usually have greener appearance, looks more fresher and have thick leaves with big stalks.

These vegetables could be a danger to many because sewer water contains bacterias which causes diseases such as Typhoid.

These vegetables are mostly affordable to most kenyans leaving in the slum areas where they are mainly grown in dumpsite areas to eat with the commonly known dish"Ugali",there are also arrowroots grown in this areas which mainly is taken for breakfast or even to prepare other main meals.

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