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8 Foods That You Don’t Have to Keep in the Fridge

Bell peppers

Peppers do not require any special way to store them because they can stay even at room temperature in a kitchen drawer or even paper bag. You should know that they loose their freshness and crispness in the fridge.

Exotic fruits

They include, banana, mangoes, papayas and other fruits are better of kept warm. Low temperature ruin their appearance for example a banana.


For example mustard, ketchup, soy source, balsamic vinegar, sweet and sour, and spicy sources can just be stored at room temperature. You will also notice that in big restaurant these sauces are often kept in stands on tables.


Chocolate can be greatly affected when it is stored in a fridge. It absorbs other scents and also moisture in the fridge can give chocolate a white coating, this is the sugar from the chocolate coming up. Chocolate can ne stored at room temperature too.

Bread and other pastries

many people love keeping bread in the refrigerator so as to maintain its freshness. However, this makes it dry quickly, so you should keep bread in a dark place like a dark cupboard.

Unopened soda and soft drinks

Such drinks are better of kept in a slightly warm place or even cool temperature. The drink will be just safe to drink if there has been no sudden changes in temperature and the packaging hasn't been damaged

Apples and peas

These are some of the sweetest fruits we have. The cold air inside the refrigerator tends to break down their crisp texture. If you prefer your fruits cold then you should place them in the refrigerator otherwise you should just keep them at room temperature.


Mold grow first on garlic's if they are exposed to light and moisture. store garlic in a dark place at room temperature that has plenty of air circulation. In cold temperatures, they ma begin to sprout.


Prickles can preserve themselves because they have enough sodium which is a natural preservative. The only reason you can refrigerate them is if you love them cold

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