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Stop Losing Your Chickens, Use These 3 Local Herbs To Prevent Them From Falling Sick Easily

Poultry keepers in our Republic of Kenya, either on large or small scale farming may at times have experience the unbearable pain of loosing chickens to diseases like Fowl Cholera, Newcastle, Bronchitis, Marek's Disease, coccidiosis and many more others.

The pain is unbearable of loosing your invested money on chickens or any other poultry. It due to this pain that I want to bring your limelight some three locally available herbs that you can administer to you chickens to prevent them from falling sick easily.

Let's get started.

Firstly, we will need to assemble the three locally available herbs,those being;

(i)Aloe Vera which boosts the cellular immunity and the hormonal immune response of the chickens.

(ii) Chilli Pepper which plays a vital role in boosting the chicken's digestibility and immunity.

(iii) Another very essential herb that we need is the Mexican sunflower leaves.

How To Prepare and Administer Our Herb Solution.

After assembling the three mention local herbs above, grind them separately into finer particles and then mix them all together as you considerably add water.

Then sieve the solution to get rid of the large particles left ungrinded inorder to obtain the perfect liquid solution.

In administering the liquid solution to chickens, leave it untouched overnight and start administering it as from the following day.

In about twelve to fifteen hours, administer the liquid herb solution to your chickens just like administer water and then place this liquid on different places ,letting the chickens sip at their own pleasure.

You are recommended to repeat the procedure and administer this solution as much as you can. This will eventually yield very positive results in preventing your chickens from falling sick easily.

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