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The Secret Behind 'mursik' Sour Milk.

Mursik is a kalenjin legendary drink that naturally produces its culture which helps in its fermantation.

The key things to have for a perfect sour milk preparation are;

. A special kind of stick from a specific tree known as 'iitet'

. Grounded charcoal from candle Bush tree of other medicinal tree.

. A gourd

. Milk


Thoroughly boil the milk in a clean sufuria then let it cool preferably overnight.

Pour the cool milk in a gourd, cover it well and let it set for three days.

While ready,use the special stick to stir it well.

Add the grounded charcoal from a specific tree known as candle Bush as in the picture below

and stir well then the mursik is ready to serve.

Mursik is a natural food with no additives hence very healthy for consumption and has a great taste too,so please try preparing it and give your comments on how it goes.

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Bush Milk Mursik


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