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"Tulinunua Kuku Juzi" Nakuru Resident Says as he Begs Chebukati to Announce the Results

A nakuru resident has requested IEBC Chairman to make the announcement not later than today Monday 15th.

The man who spoke to a KTN journalist said they had waited patiently for the past 5 days and now it seems to be taking longer than they had expected.

He claimed that some of them had bought a Chicken in preparation for celebrations after the announcement.

"Tunaomba Chebukati tafadhali, masiku zimeisha. Tunaomba leo mtupee kiongozi. Kuna wengine wetu tulinunua kuku juzi. Kuku karibu inakufa kwa nyumba. Tunaomba utangaze ili tuchinje kuku tuanze sherehe" The Nakuru resident said.

"We request Chebukati Please, days are over. We request you to give us a leader today. Some of us bought Chickens. The Chickens are about to die in the house. Please announce so that we can slaughter the chickens and begin celebrations" He said.

The resident however stressed that they will celebrate in peace whatever the outcome. He called on Kenyans not to be divided by the results.

"We plead with fellow Kenyans to be peaceful. Let's celebrate in peace. All of us are Kenyans and we need peace" He added.

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